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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How to Hire a Designer

A lot of the advice and tips that I give on this blog is about how to tackle design projects in your home by yourself. Often times though, it is important to realise that the project is beyond your abilities, whether in complexity or budget. This is the time that you need to consider hiring a professional. This task can be intimidating, so I thought I would layout some tips about how to go about this process, and things to look for, so that you make the right decision.

  • Always interview at least three people. Throughout the industry there is remarkable diversity of people. We are all different in the way we conduct ourselves and our business, so by interviewing several people you are able to get some perspective on what works well for you.

  • Don't be afraid to ask friends or acquaintances, who they used, and how the experience was. A personal reference could save you lots of time. When you meet with a designer, ask to see a completed project, sometimes this might not be possible, if that's the case, always ask for a few references.

  • when looking at a portfolio, ask lots of questions. Why did you use this color? Why this chair? It is important that you see how decisions are explained, this will give you some insight into the process of selection, that the designer uses.

  • Most of all, find someone that you like. You will be spending lots of time and money with this person, while they do not have to be your new best friend, it is crucial that you like and trust them, or else what can be a difficult process to begin with can become harrowing.

  • Have a few ideas about what your particular likes and dislikes are. Maybe this is some pictures from magazines etc, enough to give the designer a bit of a direction toward what your style is. Having said that, be open to new approaches, part of the goal of hiring someone is that they bring new ideas to the table, so be open to hearing that.

I hope this gives you some thoughts about how to go about the process, remember my contact info is at the top of the page if you want one on the World's Top 40 Designers! :)


girl meets glamour said...

I am so glad to see you post this information!!! We do really need to inform people as much as possible about our field :)

Fairfax said...

But could we afford you??? ;-)

Mark Cutler said...

LOL Fairfax, can you afford me?!!??

I may be expensive, but you are worth it!