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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday is Resource Day

I love writing on Thursdays because it gives me a chance to highlight another resource and hopefully give them some great exposure. As a designer, you are only as good as the resources you are able to find, and today's resource Dos Gallos is a great one.
Located in West Hollywood this company provides an incredible one stop shop for all sorts of antiques and reproductions from Central and South America, as well as Spain, Italy and Greece. I have bought anything from tables and chairs to incredible old doors (that make great art pieces hung on a wall if you don't have a doorway big enough).
I think that the staff is very knowledgeable and above all, pleasant to deal with and are willing to find that special piece you have been looking for. My other favorite thing is that they keep their website up to date with new pieces, so I can stay current while sitting at my desk.
So give this company a try, I think that a trip to their warehouse is a real adventure, or just try them on the Internet, either way, I am sure you will like what you find.
Dos Gallos
924 N. Formosa Ave,
Los Angeles CA 90046

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