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Saturday, June 30, 2007

5 Books I Love About American Design

With the 4th of July holiday on the horizon, what better time to celebrate the great design of America. These books are a selection that I love the highlight the beauty of the classic American Style, simple, straightforward and with an inherent elegance. I hope you enjoy.

Just as a reminder if you click on the image it will take you straight to Amazon in case you want to purchase a copy for yourself.


No list on American Design would be complete with Sister parish, the woman who almost single handedly created the profession. This book is a great read, as it is nice to see how little things have changed. She writes candidly about the process and the problems of dealing with clients etc, for anyone interested in the history of design, a great vacation read.


A fine book by the editor of Metropolitan Home magazine. It captures the new vitality of American design, showing how much it has changed to fit today's lifestyle, without abandoning a great tradition. Beautifully shot images and a well constructed book, it is one of the staples of my library.


I am a huge fan of the Arts and Crafts Style, and while it is English in it's origins it has morphed into a classic American style. This book is part of a terrific series on Bungalows and gives valuable information on restoration and remodeling. I recently worked on a Bungalow in Los Angeles and this series was the first place i turned for inspiration.


I love the honest simplicity of the American Farmhouse, and this book is a great inspiration for anyone looking to create that style. It gives terrific insights and tips as well as great photo's for those who just want to look at the pictures:).


It used to be all that I was ever asked to design was Tuscan or Mediterranean houses, but lately there have been more and more traditional American houses coming through the office, whether they be shingle or saltbox, I have loved them all. This book is a personal favorite because it shows some great examples of what you can do with that style, and how to work within the framework of Classic American Style but still come up with something unique and modern.

I hope you enjoy this list and have a great holiday (put another shrimp on the barbie for me ;) ).


The Peak of Chic said...

I really enjoyed the book on Sis! What a true original- they don't make them like her anymore!

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