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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Take a Look at My New Web Site

Well, I am happy to announce that I have finally gotten around to updating my Web Site. To be honest, I have to thank Meryl Pollen our graphic artist and Jack Brown, who works with me, who put it all together, despite my lethargy. I think they did a tremendous job, and it now highlights some new projects. So take a look and let me know your thoughts.
The next project is to update the look of the Blog, so stay tuned for that one!


Jaya Schillinger said...

Congrats! I know what a big deal it is to check this off your project list!

Your site looks nice, and I like that there are photos of you in there!

The business coach in me wants to make 3 suggestions for your consideration.

1. There should be a link to your blog!

2. Your contact info is on the page as a graphic, so you get the fancy fonts, but it's not as functional for how people really use the web.

==> Most people who want to nab your contact info are going to want to highlight and copy the text into their email address book. With the graphic style, you're forcing people to retype it by hand. (I'm one of those cranky people who won't bother to save contact info if I can't grab it easily off the site.)

3. You might consider having a "request a consult" sign-up form, instead of just your email/phone. When I added the request a consult form to my site, business leads tripled! (I'll like to my biz site in my name, so you can see what what my consult request form looks like.)

Besides good design, you want your site to generate leads for you. So a few tweaks, and you'll get even better responses I bet. : )

The Peak of Chic said...

Mark- Looks great! Love your portfolio. I agree- post a link to your blog. Just another step in expanding the Mark Cutler empire !;)

J Lee said...

great site!
and like the others i agree with adding a link to your blog as well. :)

Fairfax said...

Beautiful work, Mark!!!

girl meets glamour said...

Your site looks great, congrats! I love the clean and sleek look to it, and I would agree that a link to your blog would be good thought.

Sonciary Honnoll said...

Nice website! Very clean, very fresh. Great choice of images too!

Mark Cutler said...

Wow, I wasn't expecting so many responses! Thank you everyone for taking the time to provide your feedback. Yes, the next step is to link my blog to my site, I will do that after I work a bit more on getting the graphic etc to match my regular website. Thanks to Jaya for your tips, I have forwarded those on to the people who deal with these things, and we will see what we can do about incorporating them.

transmitters said...


Hope you accept my constructive comment on the new look website.

Nice content but....

hellishly slow load time:

Load Time Check for www.markcutlerdesign.com/
Total Page Size: 1689.52 Kb.
Total objects on the site: 1
HTML Page Size: 2.55 Kb.
Images: 1686.97 Kb.
Rating: 1/10

good luck


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