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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Fireplaces have an incredible ability to anchor any room that they are in. I have even been known to add a mantle to a room without a fireplace, to create a visual anchor that would otherwise be missing. In the same way the perfect pair of shoes begs the question, what purse? The perfect fireplace calls out for something on the mantle. Too many times I see over done, over scaled and all together just too much on top.

Here are some guidelines to make the perfect mantle:

  • In some circles, too much is just enough, this is not one of them. Remember that a lot will go a long way, don't be afraid to put too little, you may just find that it's just right!

  • A Fireplace will always appear to be important, so you can add a little whimsy in this spot without looking foolish, like the seahorse in this beach house I recently did.

  • I am all about creating a home that speaks about you, this is the chance to make that statement, find one of your favorite things there, like this sunburst I found at a yard sale.

  • You don't always need a mantle shelf, sometimes just the texture of a beautiful wall is all you need.

Keep the home fires burning!


The Peak of Chic said...

The room with the seahorse is great! Such pretty, clear colors. I love it. (PS- Fairfax wants to know if there is a place where we can purchase your candles on the East Coast).

J Lee said...

i love fireplaces, especially traditional log burning fireplaces you rarely see anymore. it adds so much character and warmth into a space but i totally agree, so many times i see mantel displays and decor over done.

M Wall said...

Mark is so creative that in my Park Avenue apartment, he created a fireless firplace. Yes, it's a mantlepiece that transformed my living room. It was the icing on the cake of the total renovation he did.