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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday is Resource Day

So, as I said last week, on Thursdays I plan to try and highlight another resource that i think people will really like. This week that resource is Oly Studio, out of Berkely California. It was founded by two designers, Brad Huntzinger and Kate McIntyre, and I am constantly impressed with the way they create designs that are firmly based on tradition, but have a fresh modern feel to them. I don't believe that you can buy directly from their website (www.olystudio.com) but they do list all the stores across the country that sell their stuff, so with a bit of work you can get anything you see here.I have used pieces from their collections in both modern and traditional settings, always with great success. Some of my favorites are shown above.
  • The Coral Chair is to my mind such a cool twist on the ever popular coral motif, but it is also a great scale, and very comfortable.
  • The Chandelier is made of new wood, but has the beautiful patina of driftwood, a soft silver grey, that gives it a hip twist.
  • This little tripod table I have used outside to great success; in a meadow garden, it adds whimsy and will always make your guests smile.
  • The coffee table is another that does equally well inside or on a covered porch. I regard it as a modern, primitive piece, with nicely handworked metal.
  • This mirror is totally glamorous and has a wonderful Kelly Wearstler feel. It would dress up a modern interior, or cool down a very traditional backdrop, much more versatile than you might think.

So please check out Oly Studio, the stuff is great, the people are nice, and the prices are great value!


frances said...

i do covet that table!

Mark Cutler said...

LOL yeah I know, something about Deer feet that says "table" to me too!

kim. said...

And I covet that mirror! I want to collect mirrors like that. I have one from my grandmother's that I spraypainted black. It's FAB!!!

** Terramia ** said...

I adore your blog... I had no idea you had one! I have posted about some of your wonderful items at Oly, like your petrified wood hearts (I *heart*)...
Keep up the wonderful work!
And I dig the "venison" table!

** Terramia ** said...

Oops.. should have addressed the post:
To Mark for having this cool blog.
And Brad and Kate for their fine work... tres magnifique!

*Duh... note the time of post! Insomnia kills brain cells!!!