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Monday, March 19, 2007


Just thought I would add a note here about the Survey on the right hand side of this page. I am genuinely interested in seeing what magazines etc that you all read. There seems to be a resistance to answering, it's not a sales gimmick or anything like that, just my curiosity, so if you would take just a minute to answer the question it would be great. Thanks in advance.


Pieter said...

Hi Mark

This is a response to your magazine survey.
Firstly, I really enjoy your blog... I've been reading a lot of American design blogs(too many, it's cut my productivity by half) and I notice that none of the bloggers mention Wallpaper* magazine at all. I'm from South Africa and unfortunately not many of the magazines you have in the US are available here. Wallpaper* is though, and I would encourage all design addicts to have a look at it! It's a brilliant design lifestyle magazine! As you can tell, I don't have much of a point, but I just thought I'd share...

Mark Cutler said...

Pieter, thanks for your response. It's amazing to me that this blog reaches South Africa (the internet is an amazing thing!). I hope you keep reading.
I too, love wallpaper, but the program that lets me do surveys only allows a few choices, so I went with the major magazines, but it's nice to hear that wallpaper has such a broad reach.

Susan said...

Hi Mark,

I enjoy your blog and wanted to respond to your survey. I am Canadian (almost sounds like a beer commercial :) Have you ever had checked out Canadian House and Home or Style at Home? Both are fantastic Canadian Design Magazines.

Mark Cutler said...

Thanks Susan, I will check out those two magazines. I subscribe to English House and Garden, a few french magazines and Australian Vogue Living, but thats about it for foreign magazines, but i will track down these, thanks for the tip.