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Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday is Answer Day

I have received a few questions this week, asking suggestions for window treatments in bedrooms. The questions have varied from, how do I create blackout conditions and still have a beautiful window, to, what can I do as an interim solution, till I can afford what i really want.

Well the first question is a little easier to address: I am a huge fan of layering window treatments, by combining drapery with shades of some sort. This technique creates a detailed, finished feel and gives you the benefit of flexibility. You can use the drapes to create blackout conditions, and the shade to filter light at times when you want some privacy, but not darkness. In the first image above you can see that i did drapery that provided blackout, then layered that with a bamboo shade that provides filtering of light when needed. There is the added benefit of using the shade to help improve the scale of the door too. Also you can see in this image that i used wooden shutters on either side of the bed, as another way to control the light. I like to use different techniques, depending on the situation. The second picture shows a similar idea but using a fabric shade.
The second question is a bit more challenging, what to do if what you want is not within reach now. Well there are several companies that provide "drapes in a box" Silk trading is one of them, as well as a few other large catalog companies, these are usually good resources that can be affordable. One thing to keep in mind, since these are temporary, maybe you try out some ideas that stretch your design concept more. For Instance if you go for an inexpensive venetian blind, try it in bright orange or another strong color, that you wouldn't be willing to try on your permanent stuff. Sometimes the best design happens in those unexpected places.
Good Luck! let me know how it works out. Remember Monday is always answer day, so if you have any questions or design dilemma, post it here and I will try and help with suggestions.


J Lee said...

i too am a "window treatment layer'er" =)
i love using different types of textiles to create a specific ambiance. love the whole dramatic look in that first photo. it's dreamy.

thanks for dropping by my blog. i really like your entries and i'll be sure to drop by often for great inspirational pieces!

The Peak of Chic said...

Gorgeous rooms Mark (and I love the bed in the top photo). I think you're spot on about trying something daring such as the orange blinds. If you don't like it, you don't have much invested; more than likely, though, you may wonder how you ever lived without orange blinds!

Mark Cutler said...

LOL, Peak you are totally right! So many times people make choices based on what they have always done before. I think that is precisely what you SHOULD NOT do! The magic happens in the untried.