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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Resource Day: Studio Printworks

I have seen lots of postings on other design blogs recently about wallpaper, so I thought it was appropriate today to feature one of the new, bright shining stars of the wallpaper world as part of Resource Day. That company, is Studio Printworks out of New York. The president Dennis Shah, comes from a family tradition of fine wallpaper manufacturers, they produce a lot of the classic papers for Clarence House and Brunschwig and Fils, to name a few. So he knew what he was doing when he set out and founded this comapny with two other partners. What I think is so chic about their line is, how on the surface they look like classic designs, but actually are quite tongue in cheek, subversive. Take the three designs that I picked, they all have that wonderful, old world feel to them, however the first is an homage to the B and D lifestyle, featuring locks and chains, the second, South Beach Toile, features muscle men with little dogs and female impersonators, while the third, on the surface looks classic chinois, but actually shows spy planes over china.
There are terrific color ways, samples available off the Internet, and they can be purchased all across the U.S. , Asia and Australia. Distributors are listed on their website. I hope you will check them out, if nothing else, its inspiring to see edgy work like this getting the attention it deserves.


Fairfax said...

Mark, isn't there also a Harlem toile by Sheila Bridges? These are hilarious!

kim. said...

That first wallpaper is FABULOUS!!!

Mark Cutler said...

It's just a little frightening that you know about the Harlem Toile, yes that is in his line too.

Fairfax said...

I think someone said that they're doing a line of "City" toiles with local landmarks... maybe they'll do one for pigtown! hahahaha! And can we get your candles on the east coast?

The Peak of Chic said...

I love their prints. It definitely takes a person with a sense of humor to appreciate them (or someone who is oblivious to what the prints really are about!).

The Peak of Chic said...

Mark, I know this is off-subject, but I like your Answer day posts. I have a question- can you tell me the best way to light a room? Many experts say you should have three sources, i.e. ceiling (chandelier), wall (sconces), and table lamps. What do you think? I sometimes have trouble with lighting :)

frances said...

love the south beach toile!

Jennifer Ramos said...

like the black wall paper, its different and quite unique.

Jennifer Ramos

Mark Cutler said...

Fairfax, I am not sure if they are expanding their City line, I would be facinated to see their take on some other cities, yes, Pigtown among them,,,,, maybe a design blog paper with all of us featured? LOL
As for the candles, not available yet on the east coast, I am always looking for distribution though. Or if you want some, just contact my website www.markcutlerdesign.com and you can get some. Thanks

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