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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Kid's Playhouse

I am hoping to be a parent by the end of the year, so I have been looking around more and more at Children's Rooms and Playhouses, trying to work out what I would want in my own home. Designing for a client, always seems easier, than deciding for myself. I came across these images of a Playhouse that I had done several years ago, that I thought was still fun and that people might want to see. It was modeled after an old school house on the east coast, and was meant to have a New England kind of feel to it. On the inside we made scaled down furniture pieces so that it felt at the right scale for a child. A lot of the accessories came from Ikea or Pottery Barn, one of my favorite elements is the side tables that look like big alphabet blocks, it was a big hit.


The Peak of Chic said...

I adore that playhouse- and the picket fence and landscaping out front! I don't have children but I would love that for myself!

Mark Cutler said...

Thanks Peak! It was a fun project, I got to live out all my childhood fantasies of the ultimate playhouse.

Gabrielle said...

Wow, this is a gorgeous playhouse. I'd hate to see what my nephews would do to it, though. I wouldn't mind having that playhouse for myself either.

Fairfax said...

Mark... thanks for your nice comments on my site. Yours is great and I have added a link to it on mine. I know I will learn so much by reading your blog.

Mark Cutler said...

Fairfax, you are welcome, thanks for coming to visit, I hope I can keep your interest.