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Monday, July 2, 2007

Answer Day: Swingset?

Todays question comes from Rachel who faces a problem that a lot of parents face. She has a couple of young kids but a back yard that is a thing of beauty and in which she takes great pride. She is worried that the swingset will ruin the way the backyard feels, so her question is aesthetics or swings?
Most people face this dilemma whether its in the backyard or the Living Room, and I have a point of view on this that may surprise a lot people. When it comesto things like this I think that the kids should take a top priority, good design and children are not mutually exclusive.
So my advice to Rachel was, "put in the swingset", but find one that works with the style you have going. accomodating children means finding a middle ground, whether that is aswingset that fits with your landscaping style, or baskets for toys in the Living Room that matches the rest of your decor. The thing to keep in mind here is that good design comes from an honest expression of who you are and how your family lives, so if that means swingsets toy baskets so be it.


erinn said...

a refreshing and authentic viewpoint, I think. And congrats on 100+ posts.

Elizabeth said...

Hey Mark, I was doing a little research and happened across your post. I totally agree that kids take a priority and that swingsets and style don't have to be on opposite ends of the spectrum.
Ok, I work for a swingset company, but I believe we have fresh designs that really add rather than take away from the landscaping and home. Anyways, just thought I would add my two cents.
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