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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Unusual Fabrics for Window Treatments

I have posted two images of a room that I did recently where I used an unusual fabric to create interest in a small TV room. The fabric that I used was a series of antique sari's from India. Each window used a different sari (you can see in the detail shot that the pattern is slightly different in each one). I had them all dyed so that the color would unify them, so that they look like a set. The point that I am trying to make is when doing treatments like this, you are not limited to using fabric off a bolt, available by the yard.

Here are some ideas you might want to consider:

  • In a kitchen, find a cool old table cloth that you could make a shade from.
  • Often you can find large Ethnic style fabrics especially from Turkey or Batik from Asia, they are usually printed on large pieces of fabric and would make a stunning drape.
  • For a beach house, what about terry cloth?
  • Ultra suede, available at most fabric stores, is a terrific fabric for a modern style window treatment that is very clean and tailored.... and it doesn't have to be seamed so its a nice no-sew option.
  • I have even seen drapes in a kids room made from old jeans sewn together...now that's an idea.

Window treatments are a great way to inject personality into a room, have fun with them. I would love to see some ideas that you come up with,,, if you send them in I will happily post them.


frances said...

pretty pics and fun ideas!

My Marrakech said...

Mark, I love old saris and have bought many over the years, especially as I used to live in India. In the new place we are building, I will have some modern 4 poster beds and was thinking about draping a sari over the top. However, I absolutely love what you have done with these window treatments. How did you have them died? Who does this kind of thing? Thanks.

Mark Cutler said...

For the dying, I used my Sari dealer, she is used to dyeing as she often will have to dye some of the saris to even out the color etc. If you contacted any of your local traders I am sure they would be able to head you in the right direction.

My Marrakech said...

Mark, is your sari dealer in the US? I am going to Bangladesh in April for a few days for work and will be looking for more old saris and textiles.

Mark Cutler said...

Yes my dealer is in the US. She is in Venice Beach, CA. I am sure you will find a huge selection in Bangladesh.

The Peak of Chic said...

Mark- Gorgeous room! I love saris, and this was a striking way to use them.

Mark Cutler said...

Thank you Chic, yes I have always been a huge sari fan, the workmanship on most is stunning, I now finally have a great way to use them.