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Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday is Answer Day: Color

Today's question comes from a reader in Miami, who, ironically has an all white apartment. The reader tells me that while the apartment is a modest size, that the all white scheme feels too antiseptic. Originally he thought that it would make the space feel cleaner and more spacious, but now feels like it is dull and lacks any punch, what should he do? He had the idea of buying some new furniture or repainting his whole home, I think this might be a little drastic.

It is my feeling when working on a place, to try and bring out the personality of the people who live there. If your concern is light and cleanliness then maybe an all white scheme will work for you. The thing to remember though, is that an all white scheme does not necessarily mean that EVERYTHING has to be all white. I suggest that you take a look at one of the major walls in each room and give it a shot of color. Often one concentrated injection of color will make the white brighter and give a lot more depth to the scheme that you have going on.

As far as what kind of colors to use, as a rule of thumb, I think that stronger colors would work in the main living space, maybe a deep bronze color, that way the scheme can still stay pretty neutral, or if you want something a bit more daring try paprika or a pepper red. I would suggest staying away from sage and other muted tones, you run the risk of it getting to look like a bad office scheme.

In the bedroom, try something that is soothing, what about a very soft pale blue, or even a very very light camel could be pretty too. I think that a warm dusty pink, could also be great, but some guys may be a bit shy about using that. The point is, in the bedroom, use a quiet, soothing color that will encourage quietness and romance.

I hope that this was helpful, let me know how it works out. Remember, each Monday is answer day, so if you have any questions about your decor, write and let me know.

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Sonciary Honnoll said...

Great tips! I love the idea that every Monday is "Answer Day!" Your reader could also try pairing black with white for a dramatic statement, but not in equal amounts. He could also utilize platinum for accent accessory pieces. :)