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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thrilled to Announce

It is great to see that while I was gone things keep powering along. My friends over at Peak of Chic (one of the best Interior Design Blogs I have seen) published a photo of my Tableaux Cloths in an article they did on Tromp l'oeil, you may want to check it out, they always have great stuff, that seems to be the result of a magnificent obsession with design.

Keep an eye out in the months ahead I have been working on a new design that I think will be terrific...... a Tableaux Tent! I can hardly wait to feature it.

Another great surprise was to see a project published in LA Home magazine. It is one of my favorites, a modern Asian home out in the Pacific Palisades. Thanks to Sherri Nickols for making that happen, she is a terrific writer and has been a huge supporter of my work, so look out for that on the newsstands.


midcenturyjo said...

Congratulations Mark!! And I am so excited about the tent. Fabulous idea especially on the West Coast. Clever boy!!!!!

The Peak of Chic said...

Congrats on the article! That's wonderful. And I cannot wait for the tent- do you know how much I adore tents????


i think this tablecloths are greatt idea.