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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Working with a Large Room

There can be a lot of challenges associated with working with a small room, but there are also a lot of issues dealing with a large space. If it is not dealt with properly, your seating group can feel adrift, and the space will feel overwhelming and uncomfortable. So here are some tips about dealing with a big room.

  • When starting on a big room, it is crucial that you create zones, the goal is to make it feel almost like a series of rooms put together.

  • Try to find creative ways to break up the space. For instance, in the room shown above, I created wrought iron screens to help break the room up. This is a particularly good method because you can use the screen as a place to put furniture in the middle of the space.

  • Try to space the focal points around the room. For instance the TV may be on one side, the fireplace on another. Other things that you can use for focal points, could be a view, a fish tank, a billiard table or even a fabulous standing lamp.

  • Using area rugs is another great way to break up a space, when doing this use color to tie them all together. In the room above, I mixed modern and traditional rugs, but in the same palette so that it doesn't feel too disjointed.

  • Don't be afraid of space either, it's important that you resist the temptation to over furnish, it will just become oppressive.

I hope that this helps.....

1 comment:

J Lee said...

Great points Mark!
I think the biggest problem I see with large rooms is way too over furnished making the space feel very cluttered and unorganized and bad use of space. It's so easy to group too close together or too far apart creating weird pockets of unusable space which throws everything off.