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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wall Painting

A lot of the homes that I do, especially in Southern California are Mediterranean Inspired, whether they be Italian, Spanish or Southern French. One of the iconic things about a lot of these styles is wall paintings, or frescoes. As many of you might guess, I am not a huge fan of over decoration, my whole philosophy is based on simplicity and authenticity in design, so where do frescoes fit into this? Well, here is an example of a home I did recently with a light painting on the wall, that had the feeling more of a sketch than an elaborate painting. Here are some thoughts you may want to consider if you are doing your own work at home:
  • Keep the colors simple, I prefer a more faded, worn look.
  • The design should be simple, unless you or your artist is exemplary stay clear of faces, they are the hardest to pull off and can ruin an otherwise great piece.
  • Try to limit yourself to a room you only use occasionally like the Dining Room, that will keep it feeling fresh even to you.
  • Don't take it too seriously, this is not the Sistine Chapel, introduce some whimsy and humor.

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Sonciary Honnoll said...

Simply beautiful.