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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bookshelves with Loads of Personality

OK, so your bookshelves may not be overflowing with the knowledge of over 5,000 books like artist Alicia Martin's Biografias sculpture above, but little and big tomes alike can add up to a huge dilemma for the earnest bibliophile (myself included.) With so many innovative, and sometimes just plain freaky, bookshelf designs available why settle for the standard horizontal library format? I've gathered some of my favorite bookshelves which will hopefully inspire you. If you can't find these particular ones to buy, think of having them custom built. 

Mark & Team custom-built dining room bookshelves. I love the whimsical vibe this unit gives off. The mint green interior gives a punch of color against the unit's chocolate brown exterior.

Another lovely custom built bookshelf by Mark & Team. I love the distressed, almost sea-worn look of the room with the ocean blue bookshelf set on the diagonal.

I'm a Texas girl, so I'm allowed yet another reference to cowriffic-inspired interior elements. This hot pink number--Estante Vaco by Estudio Antimateria--would make an imaginative addition to a nursery or casual family room. Differing size compartments hold fairy tales, picture books and other fun reading materials.

There is something quite serene about this circular bookshelf, it's definitely one of my favorites.

The Moderntique Shelves by Katzhg Whitezine have so much personality they would look terrific in most any style decor. 

This honeycomb design makes a case for organic, nature-based art which is as functional as it is artful.

Simple, yet effective, the Flybrary Shelf holds your current hardcover reads at the ready for a quick chapter or two. 

Olivia Bradateanu's "Shelf in the Wind" was born out of the idea: "What if a simple shelf moved with the breeze that enters the front door."  Hometone.com

A fun twist on the standard horizontal bookshelf--who knew stairs and books could look so cool together?

Editor Note: Read more about Alicia Martin's "tornado of books" on MyModernNet.com.


Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

Such unique and beautiful examples! My favorite is the bookshelves built into the side of the stairs. What a focal point that creates, and such a great use of what's usually dead space!

Johnpaul said...

Cow bookshelves is amazing who done it,bookshelves

JoAnne Loftus said...

I think the stair bookcase is a very clever may to make the most of your space. Work with what you've got! It's definitely eye catching.