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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Knitted Furnishings for the Home

Knitting has made a huge come back in fashion over the last decade. But today's knitters and their creations are not typical of your grandmother's knitting circle. The craze for hand knitted goods has extended into the world of home d├ęcor.

For those who love the look of knitted home accessories but don't have the time, there are many knitted accents on the market today. The look of knit and crochet can be found on everything from pillows to area rugs.  Hand knitted throws make a wonderful accent on a bed or sofa, chair or chaise. Knitted pillows can add great texture to a sofa, bed or chair.  The popular small ottoman, called a poof, can also be found in knitted covers. We’re even seeing knitted chairs!

Handcrafted textiles, including knit and crochet pieces, are a wonderful way to bring a touch of the handmade into a room. Whether you knit or crochet yourself, buy something new or proudly display a crocheted afghan made by your grandmother, these pieces add a textural beauty to any space.  Knitted and crocheted pieces can work in many design styles ranging from traditional to contemporary.  If so inspired, pick up your knitting or crochet needles, or find a beautiful knit piece online or in a home store near you.

Two of the professional knitters were digging right now put a fun twist on knitted fashion for the home. 

Made from synthetic fiber, Kenneth Cobonpue 's Knottee Outdoor Suspension Lamp is tough enough to withstand the outdoors. Two knitting needles are skewered through the lamp’s top for a humorous touch.

Claire-Anne O’Brien creates fully functional knitware for the home in the shape of chairs and footstools. Her work can be found on her website

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