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Monday, March 5, 2012

Creating Traditions: Family Garden

While the majority of the country is worried about whether or not they should listen to Punxsutawney Phil, Californians are already enjoying the Spring sunshine. With that in mind, now is the time to begin planning life outdoors in the warmer months. This might include booking summer camp, reserving a beachside or lakeside rental or planning a garden.  Gardening is something the entire family can get involved with and it makes a nice way to spend time together. The kids and I planted an herb garden recently and we can’t wait for them to grow so we can start cooking with fresh basil, oregano and put a sprig of mint in our tea.

From planning to planting, weeding to picking, gardening can be done by all ages. Starting plants from seeds is a great way to get the little ones involved and is a teachable moment. Seeing a plant grow from a seed to bearing fruit or vegetables can also inspire your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. Flowers are a lovely addition to any garden or yard. The kids can have their own flower garden or vegetable garden with their favorites. However, you might end up with a garden full of watermelon, so you’ll want to keep them in check.

You can plot out your garden online, on a pad of paper or even on the floor. Some people need to see the size and space to be able to visualize how the garden will be laid out. I love the Garden Planner software on growveg.com. Besides a ton of other terrific features, you can lay out your garden plan, see how best to plant it and how to space plants for maximum success.

Not hip on doing it on the web?  No problem. Find an area rug the same size as your raised bed or garden and use different items from around the house to plot out the garden patch. This can be a fun activity with the kids too.  

Gather up the kids this weekend and head off to the nursery for a fun day of foraging for gardening supplies, seeds and starter plants. Then plant your family garden and watch it grow. 

Even the Kardashians like to have a little garden fun. 

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