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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Splash of Color Brings a Room to Life

Sometimes a monochromatic palette just begs for a little color to rev up its personality quotient. For those of you (like me) who love color, but are a bit color shy when it comes to decorating, you can easily add just a spot of color to bring your rooms to life.

The most noncommittal, yet effective, ways to bring a bit of color to your space are by adding brightly-hued rugs, throw pillows, accessories or occasional furniture. For example, in this home Mark designed for his client, the persimmon chairs and tables add just enough color without overwhelming the space.

Mark loves persimmon for adding a pop of color and I have to agree with him. One of my favorite colors is orange, and zesty persimmon is an exciting mix of red and orange. It’s energetic, vibrant and versatile, making it a terrific color to use for both formal and informal rooms.

If persimmon's not your thing, then go with a favorite color you'll enjoy on a daily basis. The key is to just relax a bit when it comes to color and have fun with it. 

1 comment:

JoAnne Loftus said...

It's so easy to get inspired by spring colors! You don't have to jump overboard and make your home a rainbow, but little touches here and there make a room feel special, and draw attention to themselves. They make good accent pieces great.