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Monday, April 16, 2007

Answer Day: Closets

Today's Answer Day is about closets. I have a very good friend who refers to her closet as the "room of chaos and shame". This is obviously not a good thing, and in fact with a few tips your closet can be every bit as tidy and organised as the rest of your house. Although most of us do not have a closet as large as the one I designed that is shown here, it encapsulates a lot of ideas that you can use in even a much more modest space. So here are some ideas that I hope will help:
  • Group your clothes by usage, exercise clothes together, work clothes together etc, this will make putting together outfits a lot simpler.
  • Have somewhere in the closet where you can sit. It is so convenient to have somewhere where you can try on a pair of shoes or lay out a suit. Even if space is of a premium, you could use a folding stool for this purpose.
  • You will feel better if it looks tidy and clean, so spend a few minutes each week, just straightening things out. You can see we installed little drapes above the hanging shelves to hide the boxes etc, it makes the space feel much neater, and creates a space where you enjoy spending time.
  • This is the room where you want to feel good, so pick a very flattering color, but keep it pretty neutral, so it stays bright and allows you to see real color.
  • A skylight is a great idea, but make sure you get a good u/v filter installed or all your clothes will fade.

I hope this gives you some inspiration.


The Peak of Chic said...

All of your points are so true! I love organizing my closet- I can spend hours in there!

Fairfax said...

I have an 1880's house with two tiny closets, so I have major closet envy!