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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Art for Childrens Rooms

It is always a problem when doing a baby's or child's room when it comes to art. Everyone always wants it to look good, stay on theme etc, but it's never really a place where you should spend a lot of money. So these rooms often have some of the most creative solutions when it comes to art, and here are some thoughts:
  • One of the most popular themes is the alphabet, and there are a few variations that can make it a bit more interesting. Find an old Picture book on the Alphabet, the pictures are usually pretty cool, these look great framed, and give a pretty retro kind of feel.
  • Another idea is buy some inexpensive shadow boxes and fill them with things that start with that letter. Toy apples, or ants, would be great for the letter A for instance. It might be a fun project to do with your youngster.
  • Silhouettes can be a fun project too. Trace out the shapes of your favorite animals, butterflies, fish, starfish, are all great candidates. Then cut out around the edges and paste onto a colorful background. It's surprising how pretty these can look. I have even done this with skyscrapers for a homesick New Yorker.
  • If you want something a bit more abstract, some great wrapping paper, or handmade papers can be just the thing.
  • Or if you are a bit more handy, what about framing some of your origami masterpieces?

Whatever you choose, try to keep it pretty simple and fun. A little bit of color and pattern can go a long way.


The Peak of Chic said...

Those are very clever, and creative, ideas. I love the framed letters in the photograph.

casapinka said...

Great ideas, Mark. I like that shadow box idea because it really could get the youngster involved. So much better than the requisite "Pottery Barn" wooden names (yawn.) I made an origami mobile and an origami invitiation to my daughter's christening a few years back - I should frame it! Thank you so much for your inspirational posts.