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Friday, April 13, 2007

More Kids than Room?

So many times people see things in magazines that are way more than they can afford or can achieve. Often it's just a matter of space. So my post today concentrates on a home that I did, where space was a real issue. The homeowner had three girls that needed to sleep in the same room, quite a design challenge, because they made it very clear that they did not want to make it feel like a dorm room. So I designed this pair of canopy bunk beds. The kids love them, it allows the room to feel "girly" and still gets a lot of them into a relatively small space.
Here are some tips on kids rooms where space is a big issue:
  • Think vertical! Bunk beds are great, or raise the bed and put a study area underneath
  • Baskets. baskets and more baskets. Try to use baskets for storage, you can see inside without taking it all out, and its easier than drawers to allocate to each child, so they are not inclined to just rummage through everything.
  • Use flexible options as much as possible. For instance bean bag seating can be pushed aside when not needed, giving floor space as required.
  • When space is limited, go with lots of color, it will help make the inevitable chaos, look like it was meant that way :)

Good Luck, and Happy Friday!


The Peak of Chic said...

I adore that canopy! Very clever, and pretty too!
PS- I saw that you were quoted on favorite kitchen colors in the May "House Beautiful". Congrats! And great color too!

mohairpink said...

Excellent room, Mark. I think that final tip is very interesting. It makes complete sense but I'm not sure I would have thought of it. I'm trying to do a combined girls and boys room and it's difficult - I'll remember that color tip.

J Lee said...

Great room. 3 girls in one space wow. I have yet to do a childs room but with many pregnant friends I'm looking forward to doing baby/kids rooms in the very near future!