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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Top 5 Design Blogs

A new regular feature that I thought I would introduce for Sundays was the Top 5 list. Over the next few weeks I will be creating lists of favorite things from lamps to books. The list's are anything but exhaustive, but hopefully you will find them interesting.
To start the series I thought I would start with my favorite Design Blogs. I have to admit that I did not read blogs often till I had my own, but since then I have become totally addicted. Blogs are an amazing resource for new resources, opinions and style. I have been very lucky to be featured on a whole series of blogs but I have tried to not let that influence my choices. I am sure that I will be creating another list soon, as I am discovering new blogs every day. But for now my favorite 5 are:
  1. Desire to Inspire (www.desiretoinspire.blogspot.com ) Two women, one from Australia and one from Canada, who manage to find the most incredible images to post. Whether it's the work of Designer's ( a recent post on Vincente Wolfe was stunning), to artists and resources, it's a daily feast that is not to be missed. The articles are brief, and to the point, and there are always interesting comments to read as well.
  2. Maison Lunatique (www.maisonlunatique.blogspot.com ) Anya Smith, an Interior Designer from Dublin, Ireland, shares her thoughts about design. She highlights great resources as well as gives terrific ideas about topics that interest her, such as ways of looking at upholstery etc. Also on her blog is a huge list of links to different manufacturers websites that is very helpfully broken down by category.
  3. Hatch (www.blog.designpublic.com ) This is a great Blog that is attached to a commercial website called Design Public. Becky, who writes the Hatch blog, always has great insight into design elements. A recent posting was a great critique of Top Design, but written in a thoughtful way, not the snide, mean spirited way that most of the ones I have seen are. She also features guest bloggers and interviews too which keeps the content fresh and interesting.
  4. Apartment Therapy (www.apartmenttherapy.com ) My grandmother used to say "too much is just enough" and this is true of this site. It is broken down city by city, with a variety of different contributors. It has one of the most exhaustive resource guides I have seen for small boutique design stores. I have used it when I travel to find the cool places to go etc. They claim their mission is to create great apartments, but they do so much more than that, you could spend days here.
  5. Peak of Chic (www.peakofchic.blogspot.com) Chic indeed! A terrific eye for good design, this Atlanta based Blog brings together ideas such as "the Blue Room" and shows work by a variety of different designers that is on point. There is a great appreciation for the classics as well, Billy Baldwin, Albert Hadley etc as well as the new bloods. Always great insights and thoughtful commentary.

As I said, not a complete list but ones that i think are definitely worth mentioning. There are more of my favorites on the side column, who also are well worth dropping by.


midcenturyjo said...

Thanks for putting us on your list Mark. Kim and I are such interior design tragics but we love sharing our addiction for beautiful rooms with everyone else. Thanks for your kind words and for all your support from the beginning.

The Peak of Chic said...

Thanks Mark! Isn't blogging fun? And I certainly enjoy yours too. I always learn something from your posts.

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