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Monday, April 23, 2007

Answer Day: A Small Entry Hall

I had an intriguing question sent to me during the week by Rebbecca, who says that since they moved into their house, traffic patterns have changed and they now greet most of their visitors at the tiny landing at the back door. She wants to know, short of Architectural changes, what can she do.

Well Rebbecca. there are a few things I can suggest:

  • Take a look at your Garden, is there a way you can change that up a bit to encourage visitors to come to your front door? You can use lighting, plants, even a brighter color, can draw attention to the front door, which can help guide people there.

  • A less subtle approach is a nice sign, directing people to the Front Entry.

  • If these approaches don't work, embrace your new smaller entrance. There is s lot you can do to make it more warm and inviting.

  • Try to make it feel larger, by using space outside, treat the garden area, almost like its own little room, so its almost an antechamber. Put in a small bench, light it well, some flowers too, this will start the Entry feeling even before they get to the door, creating a larger sense of space.

  • Inside, you can make a space feel larger by using a deeper color. I think chocolate makes for a great Entry color, everything looks so dramatic against it.

  • Use mirrors liberally too, this will help to make the space more vibrant.

  • Cut the clutter, there is nothing worse in a small space than lots of "stuff", clear out all but the essentials.

I hope that these tips help.


Rebecca said...

Thank you, that's awesome!

The first idea is probably out, because what would have to happen is to take out a very large blue spruce, home to a nice variety of wildlife. However, I have never considered a sign. That just might work.

And all the other ideas are so doable. Even your suggestion of using a darker color such as chocolate I think works for us.


徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.