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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Warm Modernism

Some people who read this blog are probably surprised to find out that I am a huge fan of modernism. I feel very strongly though that just because a room is modern, there is absolutely no reason for it to be cold and uninviting. I give the above room as an example, it is one of the favorite rooms that I have ever done, it was for a young family and they wanted something that felt modern, yet at the same time, somewhere where they could relax and hang out with their kids.
When approaching a modern room, here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Keep the color palette neutral, let the architecture be the star
  • I like to have only one or two patterned fabrics in the room. In this case I put a very subtle damask on the sofa, it gives a sense of tradition, but the silhouette of the sofa, keeps it feeling very modern.
  • Make it all about the texture, I like to use all sorts of textures, from a luxurious wool rug, to silk pillows to venetian plaster on the wall, they all create a sense of the hand of man, that I think is crucial to making a space feel inviting.
  • Modern doesn't have to be new. One of the hallmarks of modernism was that form was defined by function, this is not a new idea, I included a Japanese table and a pair of African stools, both of which the form was driven by it's function.
  • Please don't ignore the windows, they often look, clearer, taller and more expansive when there is drapes, and boy does it make it more inviting.

Well I hope that you are now willing to attack the new modern house!

1 comment:

franki durbin said...

Mark, you are so right. Modern doesn't have to mean lucite tables next to yellow plastic chairs. (Not that there's anything wrong with that...) To get it right, it boils down to blending clean lines with interesting textures.

The image you've shown is the perfect blend of modern and marvelous! ;)