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Friday, April 6, 2007

Fresh Wallpaper Ideas

Like most things, it is often the simplest solution that is the toughest one to achieve. Take wallpaper for example, how many times have you looked at a pattern and thought it was pretty but it was too much to use over all four walls? Well that doesn't have to be the case, here are some ideas that you might not have considered:
  • Try, like I did in the room above, to use the wall paper on just one wall. Feature walls received a bad rap in the 70's but they are now back as a legitimate tool in the designers arsenal.
  • Still not enough, on the room above, a nursery, I used alternating rolls of paper in different colors.
  • If you are luckier enough to have paneling in your room, try wall papering just the insides of the panels.
  • I think that ceilings are underrated, you may want to try papering the ceiling, don't be afraid of pattern there.
  • Wall paper doesn't just have to go on the wall, what about a piece of furniture, a great way to put those flea market finds to good use.

Well good luck with your paper adventures!


Anonymous said...
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Ashleigh said...

I am so glad that wallpaper is making a comeback! For so many years it seems that it has been passe but it is such a great way to bring pattern and color into a room! I loved your idea about paper on the ceiling, espically in a bedroom.

Jennifer Ramos said...

I'm so tempted to place wallpaper on one wall in my home office. But i'm so worried...do you know if it comes off easier then older 70's wallpaper? I don't want to sell my house later and have the new buyer be stuck with wallpaper they hate. I've had that happen me before, it sucks.

BTW would love to exchange links with you...possible?
Jennifer Ramos

Mark Cutler said...

Jennifer, Yes there are several types of glues now available for just this reason. Your local big hardware store or wallpaper store should be able to help.

Great, I will add you to my blog list.

The Peak of Chic said...

I love wallpaper on a ceiling, esp. in a small room like a powder room. I also like wallpaper on a smallish Parsons table or on a very simple little bookcase.

CeLee said...

great idea! :) love your blog & design advice