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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Resource Day: Rugs

Anyone who reads this blog with any regularity will know that I am all about putting together interiors in an organised and thoughtful way. Start with the backgrounds, move onto the major furniture pieces, consider lighting, then decorative elements etc etc. To me, one of the most important elements in preparing the backgrounds, is selecting a good rug. I tend to buy two types of rugs, inexpensive, textured ones for rooms where I am limited on budget, or I use them as backgrounds for better quality rugs in a layering effect. The second type of rug I buy is of a very high quality, either Antique or handmade. In my mind it is almost impossible to mimic the beauty of a rug made by hand, and I consistently keep going back to one company,Michaelian and Kohlberg. They are a multi generational company which is based in New York City, but are available throughout the United States. The breadth and quality of what they offer is staggering, from subtle vegetable dyed rugs from Tibet, to reproductions from China, to a not to be missed group of textures from India and Turkey.
Some of their best rugs are comprised of very subtle use of color and texture, unfortunately, these do not show well on screen, so go to their extensive website and you will get a better idea of what they offer.
The patterns that I am showing today are some of their more graphic ones. I especially love the second image, it is part of a collection inspired by the quilts of Gee's Bend. These quilts are famous for their erratic beauty and I think the spirit has been captured perfectly in these rugs.
So, check these guys out, I hope you will be as big a fan as I am.


Fairfax said...

I am a big fan of Gee's Bend and love the 2nd rug. Do you have those wonderful Gee's Bend stamps?

The Peak of Chic said...

Great rugs! I like the third one down.

J Lee said...

thanks for the post, i'll check them out =)

Ashleigh said...

The two rugs that I bought in Turkey and Egypt respectively, are the best purchases that I have EVER made! You are very right about how they bring a room together and I find that no matter how my taste changes and colors come in and out of my life, those rugs always seem beautiful, vibrant and alive. I also love the fact that the one that I purchased in Turkey was made by a young girlabout 70 years ago, as her first attempt at making a rug for her dowery. The edges are not exactly straight but that makes it all the more charming! In fact, I highly recommend purchasing something like a rug when on vacation, it is a memory of a fun time and an experience not to be passed by!