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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Before and After: Fireplace

I don't do a lot of Before and After posts, and I am thinking that I will try and do more. I like them because a lot of what I do as a designer is really pretty simple, it just relies on a good idea that is well implemented, and I think today's posting is a prime example of that.
This is a house that I worked on in Montecito, in Southern California. It had been renovated once before, only a few years ago, but the fireplace in the Family Room, still felt a little bland to me. It's a big room that required something of this scale, but all the plain drywall felt like a missed opportunity. I suggested that we case the top part in a nice stained wood and revisit all the bleached wood that was there already. Ultimately we stained the travertine a little as well, so that it would look a bit richer, but that's just me being a little obsessive. But I think the overall effect was terrific, and I am very happy with the results.
Here are some things to consider when starting a renovation of a room:
  • Look around and try to determine the things that you like about the room. Whether it's the scale of the windows, the fireplace or even just the shape of the room.
  • Once you have determined what you like, you need to find ways of accentuating that, whether its covering it in wood, painting it a color, facing the furniture arrangement to see it etc.
  • On the other hand, determine what you do not like about the room, then do what you can to disguise it. Poorly proportioned windows can be helped by window treatments, color on the walls can really change the way you feel about a space. The same can be said about lighting.
  • Do not go overboard, a few simple changes is often all you need to bring a space to life.
  • Take your time, if at all possible do not rush in and start pulling things out. It took a couple of weeks to really work out what to do with this place, the first few ideas got presented then changed, and i think the design is better for it.

The important thing, is have fun with your room, and remember to play up the strengths, you will be amazed the changes you can make.


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