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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Resource Day: FLOR

I know I say this every week, but I love Thursday's and today is no different. I spend all week trying to decide what great resource I should talk about from one week to the next. Today I chose FLOR carpet tile. Well, it's actually a lot more than just a tile, it's a whole modular floor system, that can be used for area rugs, wall to wall or just as an opportunity to add a bit of spice to the floor.
I really like to use them in areas where it is difficult to imagine using a regular carpet, like in the children's playroom above, it's the perfect solution. If one of the kids spills paint or whatever, you don't have to freak out, just pull up the offending tile and replace it with a new one! Or for that matter you can take the dirty tile outside and hose it down.
I am currently using them in an office remodel we are working on, where the owner has dogs. So should there be any accidents or whatever it's easy to replace one tile at a time.
Installation is easy too, there are these nifty little adhesive stickers that hold them all together, that makes keeping it all straight and together a breeze. Speaking of breeze, they now offer an exterior collection too, which I have yet to use, but think is such a natural extension of the brand. As you can create very fun, interesting rugs for the outside that are easy to keep clean and move around.
One of the problems with a system like this, is that with so many choices it's hard to make a decision about anything. Well if you go to the FLOR website, they have a whole section dedicated to ideas for rugs etc that you can just download, so it makes it a lot easier. You can tell, I love these guys, I thinks it's a great product, that's not expensive and made really easy to use. Let know if you think the same!

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Ann said...

Great idea for the kids room and for people with pets. Flor has such great patterns too!