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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Make Your Guest Room Unique

It seems like that time of year, that guests are upon us, especially for people who love in areas, where there might be a beach, a Disneyland or a Theme Park. In the last few weeks alone, we have had visitors from as far west as Australia and as far east as Miami, and I think it's fair to say that you want to make their stay as comfortable and inviting as possible. One way to do this is to create a unique Guest Room, somewhere, where the minute they walk in they feel welcome and pampered.....here are a few thoughts:

  • Put in a feather bed. There are few things more luxurious than a feather bed, it's like sleeping on a cloud. I personally, am not a fan of sleeping on one every night, but as an occasional thing it really makes an impression.

  • Attend to the bed side table. Every bedside table should have things that the average traveller may need, fresh water, a good book, a local magazine that will give some ideas about what is going on in town, and a fresh piece or two of fruit.

  • A gift box is always a good idea too. Depending on your guest, a gift box tailored to them is a nice touch. Include basics that they may have forgotten to pack, toothpaste/brush, aspirin, tums etc, as well as a few luxury items, maybe a day pass to the gym, a voucher to the spa, or even a map of local hiking or jogging trails.

  • A guest book too, is always a fun addition, people love to hear about other peoples experiences, I can spend hours reading old guest books. In the image above, I used this chandelier as a guest book, a pile of vintage postcards is kept in the dresser and when a person stays, they write on the card and attach it to the chandelier, it's fun to read while lying in bed!

  • Keep your pets out of the room. Even if your Guests are not allergic, they may not be as excited as you to wake in the morning, looking Fido in the face, it's a small thing, but it will make a difference for your guests.

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