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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Resource Day: Decorati

Every now and again you come across a website or an organisation that's put technology together in away that makes perfect sense. Yesterday I had that experience, I got an email from a company called Decorati, I get a lot of promotional emails, but for some reason this one peaked my interest and I went to their website...WOW! This is going to be huge! Looking at the site yesterday was like the fist time I looked at 1stdibs.com it made such clear and perfect sense.

What the site does is bring together manufacturers from all of the country, and I am sure at some point all over the world, that serve the high end market. There are lots of sites that serve the low and mid market, but this is the first I have seen that brings together some of the finest manufacturers in one spot. I have hundreds of bookmarks on my web browser for different companies that I like to use, after seeing this yesterday, I feel like I can erase most of it.

The site was founded by an Interior Designer, Shane Reilly out of New York and San Francisco. She says it was a response to repeated requests from clients for more information. Well I think she has done remarkable job and has created something that is truly going to help the community. My belief is that the more information, more people have, the better we all are, so congrats Shane on a great job, I look forward to seeing this site grow in the future, it really is something special.

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