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Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday is Answer Day: Economical Tile Solutions

Today's question comes from a reader who is about to embark on a bathroom remodel, and has become a little confused by all the tile options that are available. The other concern is cost. She doesn't have a big budget so is looking for ways to create the most impression for a modest outlay. Well I have a few ideas that you may want to try, that I think are both beautiful and economical solutions to the home remodel drama.

  • First thing to keep in mind is, if you are trying to operate on a tight budget, do not go for big splash, it will end up looking like you are over reaching. There is a lot that you can do with not a lot of money, but trying to look expensive is not one of them. So keep your color palette simple, and your design straight forward, you will come up with a much better end product.

  • Having said all that, e creative. In the bathroom I show above, budget was a big issue, so I found some of the least expensive colored tile that I could, then laid it out in the faux gingham design that you see. The unusual layout creates the interest that I wanted, without blowing the bank.

  • Another approach is to find a tile that you really like and use nothing else. It will keep the design simple and elegant, so don't be afraid of a monochromatic scheme, if you choose the correct tile it can be beautiful.

  • Try to go for a quiet, classic approach, avoid if possible strong colors, as they will date your room quickly, and you will grow tired of it.

  • If you are going to splurge anywhere in the Bathroom, spend the money on the faucets. The things that you touch every day will ultimately create a more pleasing effect, over time, the backgrounds will disappear to your eye, but every time you turn the faucet it will remind you of your great choice. I have written about one of my favorite companies on Resource Day a few weeks ago (http://markcutlerdesign.blogspot.com/2007/07/thursday-is-resource-day-california.html), you may want to check that out.

There is also another post I did on freshening up your Bathroom, that may be of help (http://markcutlerdesign.blogspot.com/2007/06/bathrooms-some-fresh-ideas.html).

1 comment:

The Bargain Queen said...

We're halfway through a bathroom renovation and decided to re-finish the existing tiles instead of re-tiling.

It was much cheaper than re-tiling and has turned hideous brown floral tiles into shiny white tiles, so we're pretty happy with the result.