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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thrilled to Announce: Design Talk

First of all I have to apologise to my friends over at Design Talk. At the end of last week they posted an interview that I did with them, and in the rush of the last few days, I had completely forgotten to mention it. For anyone who is interested in knowing a bit more about the way I tick, you should check it out, here is the link:
For the rest of you with even just a passing interest in Design, you should also check out their website. I love this site because they always have interesting things to say, and they have a lot of Guest Bloggers who come and give some great advice on a variety of subjects that are their specialty, such as Kitchen Design etc.
So thanks to everyone over at Design Talk, for all your support, and I hope you will all go over and check out whats going on over there.


giftfairy said...

Hi Mark. I love your blog (keep up the great work!) and thanks for the link to designtalk.

Mark Cutler said...

Thanks for the encouragement Fairy,,, keep coming back I have some great things planned