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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Today I have some great news! I will be out of town, at the end of this week, and part of next (that's not the good news). I have asked a few of my favorite bloggers to do guest postings, so there will be some fresh voices to look for. I just heard from Jo and Kim over at Desire to Inspire, an amazing site, who have agreed. Unfortunately Peak of Chic had to decline, but with an excellent reason, so you should go to her site and ask her why, I am sure you will be as excited for her as I am.
Also a few surprises from some of the folks at my office will be appearing too, so look for those, it is bound to be an interesting week.
Once again, thanks to those of you stepping in to fill the void, I think it will be a week of great reading.


The Peak of Chic said...

Have fun on your trip! :)

Mark Cutler said...

thanks I will,,,I will be thinking of you while I am sitting on a beach in Mexico

franki durbin said...

we can't wait to read about your trip when you return! enjoy your siesta! ;)