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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

New Design Blogs

I am planning a post in the next week or so on New Design Blogs, there are so many new blogs out there, and some of them are terrific, I would love to highlight a few of the most notable, so if you come across any, please drop me a line. This applies especially to some of the more seasoned Bloggers, if you notice a few newbies, lets give them some attention. I am thinking any that have been around for about 3 months or less.


Susan said...

Hi Mark, I have a new blog just 3 weeks old. I would love to be included in your list. Check me out at www.bridgetbearidesigns.blogspot.com

Mark Cutler said...

Thanks Bridget...you will be in,, welcome to blogging, keep up the good work

Abbey said...

Mark, I love your blog! I'm not a designer but I am getting my masters in the history of decorative arts and design and blog about design here:
www.gogoabigail.com. I hope you enjoy and that you'll link to me.

designflute said...

Hi Mark,

I was just wandering and discovered your great blog.
And yes I am new ( about 1& half months old) too. I am from India.Would be very happy to have your reactions on my blog.

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