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Monday, January 26, 2009

Area Ware

The NYIGF was last week and there are always a few standout people to visit. One of them is Areaware, they always have a few cool things. I went and visited their website and there are some great things to see, I picked a few of my favorites....

These stools look like something you might find in a circus, they would be great in a Child's room. The white one is probably a little more versatile and would look at home in a garden too.

Now here is a bird house for a very modern little bird. It would look terrific inside too, on a bookshelf it would be perfect.

This bowl will have your friends looking twice, made from melted plastic army men, it would be a cool addition to any coffee table. If you look closely you will notice that they even use two opposing armies, I like that sort of detail.


Paul Pincus said...

i have collected the green, blue, and white war bowls ... they're fantastic ... more fun than tom dixon's fresh fat bowl ; )

the red (ninjas!) is next on my list!

Mariana said...

Areaware is having a private 50% off sale today 5/18 and tomorrow 5/19 only... Shop via this link: