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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spring Into Organization

Recently I have invested a lot of time in reorganizing my walk in closet and my heart has been wishing for some bells and whistles. I have the basics but having worked with Elfa Closets from The Container Store, I know what I am missing! These versatile systems can fit in just about any space including no space at all (depending on you ingenuity with some curtains) and the extent of the damage to the walls is a few screws top and bottom of the main rails! The Container Store offers design specialists to help you get exactly what you want and you certainly do not need to live near a store to access these knowledgeable ladies & gentlemen!

My favorite combination of woods is the Walnut & Platnum but depending on your space the Birch or White Woods would work beautifully as well! The wire baskets and shelves can be customized to suit your exact organizational tendancies with lots of great add ons and certainly this is a place with lots of baskets and boxes look fab!

I really love these natural grass braided baskets from West Elm for chunkier items and storage and for shoes, there is nothing better than these clear drop front tweed boxes to keep things in order without having to move boxes all the time as I did for years with the box from the department store!

Finally, every gal (and guy, although most won't admit it!) needs a little place to sit down, add a zing of color and with casters, you can move it around or tuck it away!


Hoechstetter Interiors said...

Hi, Mark,

I love Elfa shelving! It's so versatile, with so many great accessories, and can be used in so many areas of the home. A couple of years ago, I did a miniscule laundry/utility room in it, which greatly expanded the usable storage space and added much needed hanging space, as well as a bookshelf wall where the budget just wouldn't allow for even the simplest custom cabinetry.

I also like using their hardware, but substituting 1" thick solid wood shelves for their shelving. It adds a look of permanence and solidity that the regular stock shelves can't match, plus allows for custom paint colors or other finishes on the shelving if desired.


Jennifer said...

I've always loved using baskets for decorative storage but wanted something a little more unexpected. I found these beautiful, sculptural ones by Lisa Bech: http://www.bechbaskets.net. For my next decorating project I'll definitely buy these.

Mark Cutler said...

Thanks Jennifer, I will definitely check those baskets out.

Anonymous said...

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