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Monday, January 12, 2009

From A to

I have always liked using collections as displays. One of my favorites is the Alphabet. Firstly, you know the minute you look at it that it is complete, somehow that gives me a sense of calm, and secondly, it is always familiar, but as is the example here, not always childlike. I bought this collection on a trip to London, I had in mind a children's playroom, but when I got back, had it framed and hung, I realized that it had a somewhat dark side. Each of the letters shows a fairly macabre scene. For instance, here on the letter Y is a poor Rabbit loosing his life to a Hawk.

I actually like it more now that I know it has a dark side..... any thoughts?


the cheese project said...


These are fantastic.
Are they prints? What year are they from?


Mark Cutler said...

Yes, they are prints. As I said I bought them at a small print shop in London, but if I recall they were from an old portfolio. I am not sure how to even start looking for another set. I don't think they are especially old, probably late 19th C.