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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

10 Steps to Bookshelf Perfection...

For those of you who are starting your New Year by getting organized, try these tips for beautiful bookshelves every time!

  1. Alternate stacking books horizontally and vertically.
  2. Stack figurines and tchotchkes on horizontal books and layer photos and books behind.
  3. More modern shelves call for a spare look, so start with books of fairly uniform size.
  4. Hang artwork on the front of the shelf rather than on the wall.
  5. To style a bookshelf to perfection, resist the urge to pile accessories in.
  6. Scatter shelves with only books here and there to punctuate the look.
  7. Stack a few books horizontally from largest to smallest.
  8. Add woven baskets and trays to attractively store loose papers.
  9. Break up the monotony of a set of reference books by offsetting them on the shelf and propping them up with vases.
  10. If you can, take shelves out to create a few larger areas for oversize books and artwork.

Also, every so often, step back to make sure you like the overall balance of your arrangement. Place items off center or try larger or smaller ones until you like what you see.

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