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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tony Duquette Collection

Sometimes you come across collections that defy definition. The Tony Duquette collection at Baker is one of those. The genius of this designer is undeniable, but the question arises, can this collection succeed? The price point is pretty high, and thankfully so is the quality, but still a single piece would go a long way. 

Another concern for me too, is that the pieces are so iconic, that it is hard for them to work in a larger context, that's the same reason I don't use a lot of 20th C. classic pieces, because they are so identifiable, that it takes away from the whole, by focusing so much attention on a single piece.

But I might be wrong, what are your thoughts?

1 comment:

Leslie Harris / interior design said...

I think every room needs at least one fabulous piece to give people something interesting to talk about. It makes that space unique but the space needs to be pretty understated otherwise it would get lost. Check out my last 2 blogs for some interesting tables.