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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spruce up a Small Bath!

Tired of your tiny bathroom feeling smaller everyday? Try these tips to help make it appear larger... (I swear by the last one!)
Lighten Up! Dark sinks, toilets, and tubs can make a great statement in a large bath, but induce claustrophobia in a small one. Go with classic white and add touches of style and sensibility with fixtures.
Make a Change…
Trade a standard door for a sliding pocket door. Bi-fold doors (doors that fold up like a screen) can also save space and add interest.
Go Brighter…
Small baths call for ample lighting to make the space feel larger. (It's also helpful when shaving and applying make-up.) So don't skimp on lighting! Instead, use both wall-mounted sconces and ceiling-hung fixtures. Lastly, windows provide natural light, which is a "green", easy and inexpensive to open things up.
Stand Alone…
A pedestal sink is a great way to open up a small bath because it eliminates the space-hogging vanity.
Glass is Great!
Glass shelves increase the room's sense of space because they can sometimes appear invisible. Items on them seem to hover, and this feels much lighter than heavy cabinetry.
Last but not least…
In a small bath, get rid of the clutter!! On the counter-top or shelving, store things you use every day, and put everything else out of sight in bins or baskets.

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