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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Australia Day

Well tomorrow is Australia Day, and while I am on the other side of the planet in Los Angeles, I still recognise it as something to celebrate. The country has proven itself time and time again to be anything but provincial. The work in the design field is consistently fresh with a unique point of view that blends a casual elegance with a chic sense of style and place.

No one embodies this more in my opinion than Glenn Murcutt, the Australian architect. His deceptively simple buildings draw on a vernacular style that is unique to Australia, but his pavilion like structures have a universal appeal.

I remember years ago when I was studying architecture in Brisbane, forcing a detour on a family vacation, so that we could visit his new museum in Kempsey, NSW. It was an early encounter with truly great architecture, that has stayed with me for years.

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