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Monday, January 26, 2009

Artist in Focus: James Nares

I have been very interested in adding to my budding art collection and so attended the artLA show at Barker Hanger this weekend and although I was generally very disappointed overall, there were some gems to be had. Amazingly one of my favorite pieces was positioned just as you walked in, tucked to the side that one could very easily miss it. Thankfully the traffic of people stopped me just in time!

James Nares has a very singular style which I think one would either love or hate. Born in England in the early 50s, he has lived in New York since he was 21. His work can be seen at The Museum of Modern Art in NYC and the Whitney Museum of American Art to name just two of many and he has shown all over the world. I wont bore you with his bio, as you can read it as well as see his work online.

The singular stroke, the vibrant use of color and the sense of calligraphy---it is so simple. Perfect. I love modern art for the very simple reason that it tells everyone a different story, reflecting back at them their own story in a way. Amazingly, when I returned to the office this morning I discovered that I had pulled out a page from Elle Decor about a year ago which featured a piece of his work. I am hoping to some day purchase a piece. In the meantime, I might try to escape the office for NYC to see his most recent show at the Paul Kasmin Gallery where he has a number of new and very different looking pieces.


Patricia Gray said...

I love his work. It is so colorful and graceful. I would love to have a piece of his in my own home. Good luck to you!!!
Kind Regards

Paul Pincus said...

i like his work ... but at times it seems too easy. i could be wrong ; )

imho, elliot puckette (paul kasmin) and ryan mcginness are much better investments. they're work is fully realized!

great blog, btw!

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